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Blog Sale!!!

17 Apr

Today I am having a BLOG SALE!!!!


Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. My dear friend Nathalee is having a sale for ONLY TWO days and EVERYTHING must go for $1000JMD. The sale is on Mary Kay Lipsticks, Lip Glosses, Liquid Eyeliners and Lip Liners. This is the perfect time to top up your makeup essentials. You can contact her at 1876-356-8573. I have placed my order already so grab your phone and give her a call.

To have an idea of what Mary Kay Lipstick collection looks like check out:


Lip Glosses:


Liquid Eyeliner:


Lip Liner:



Step 1
First, tighten the cap and shake!

Step 2
Next, apply along the lashline starting from the inside corner out in a continuous line.

Step 3
Finally, for a little extra drama, apply liquid eyeliner along the bottom lashline.

Makeup Artist Trick
If you haven’t mastered drawing one straight, continuous line just yet, you can create dashes instead. Draw short dashes along the lashline, then using them as guides, connect them to create the line afterwards.

Mary Kay allows you to EARN your own MONEY on your time.


If you are interested in making some extra CA$H Mary Kay is the perfect product to get involved with. It’s a very good cosmetic line that gives women the opportunity to enrich their lives and others at the same time. There is no greater joy than to uplift someone’s life with just a lipstick which provides confidence every time she wears it.

From now until April 25. Purchase this bag of opportunity filled with Mary Kay products for ONLY US$89 plus shipping. The products in this lovely bag value over $410. This could be the starting of your own Mary Kay business.
For more info contact Nathalee: 1876-356-8573 or nattygor@marykay.com.

Thank you for your time :)


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